Welcome to mestech.ie. We are providers of home office furniture including office desks, office chairs, ergonomic office chairs and gaming chairs. Our office and gaming chairs are premium quality made from PU leather and they have all the premium features you would expect such as 360 degree swivel wheels, 180 degree tilt and an adjustable height function.

With the great work from home revolution caused by the Covid-19 pandemic many people have had to invest in a work from home setup. Working from home is new to a lot of people and it will take some getting used to. Although working from home is great it is unusual for so many people to be working from home full time and this can lead to mental health issues as well as immense cabin fever, especially asĀ  cafes and pubs and other social venues are closed for the moment.

Getting a proper work from home setup can include anything from getting a nice office chair to a desk that is good for your posture. With many people not knowing how long they will be working from home however such things may not be worthy of investment if they are paying for this themselves. Some generous companies are offering to help out with getting their employees set up however. Another issue is having the space to get a home office setup properly as well as other issues such as noise.

Many people are investing in stand up desks to help their posture or else comfortable gaming chairsĀ  (which we are now stocking). We strive to be Ireland’s number 1 gaming chair supplier and we are hoping to achieve this goal by the end of 2020. Please visit our new sister store at www.housetech.ie.